Week 8

Welcome back [firstname].  I hope you're doing well.  This week you'll learn how to write and submit a press release and setup your product's affiliate program.


Press Release

On the surface it makes sense to submit a press release immediately after your product is complete.  However, this is not the best strategy.  I have learned from personal experience that after a product is launched, regardless of how well you've tested things, there will inevitably be minor issues to resolve and necessary tweaks in order to improve your product and/or sales components.  Driving traffic to your sales letter and making a few sales is the best way to work out these bugs and improve your overall system.  

For training on how to write and submit your press release, log into your Traffic Gush account (the one you set up during Week 6) and click on the "Press Releases" tab. Read through the instructions, then practice writing your press release.  After you've finished, read through your PR several times, make changes and proof. Once you are completely satisfied with your press release, click on the "Resources" tab in Traffic Gush, scroll down and click on "Press Release Websites". Create accounts at each one of these sites then submit press release.  

If you want to save time and have the funds, you can submit your press release PR Web for maximum distribution and exposure.  This option isn't cheap, however it is effective and will generate a ton of traffic and backlinks to your sales letter.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is one of the most cost efficient methods of promoting a business. It is essentially the concept of empowering other businesses to market your business to a new user base.

Before setting up your affiliate program, you need to decide which affiliate software best fits your needs.  Paydotcom.com is one of the the quickest and easiest solutions to get your affiliate program up and running.  If you are new to running an affiliate program, I highly recommend that you use Paydotcom.com first.  Although there are better options available such as applications you setup and run on your server, the extreme learning curve can be quite frustrating.  

Watch the videos below to learn more about Paydotcom.com.

Setting Up an Affiliate Page In Pay Dot Com

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How to Mass Pay Affiliates in PayDotCom 

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  • Write a Press Release and Submit to either PR Web or free press release sites.
  • Signup with Paydotcom.com, then setup your affiliate program.