Week 3

Welcome back [firstname]. This week, your goal is to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Create a short report

  2. Install and build a squeeze page  
  3. Setup your autoresponder account

Step 1 – Create a Short Report

In Week 2, I explained why promoting a squeeze page is, in the long run, much more profitable than directly promoting a sales page. The best way to get people who visit your squeeze page to "optin" to your email list is to offer a gift such as a free, short report. This short report will act as a lead generator for the actual product you will be selling later. Here's the process:

In more basic terms, the process progresses like this:

Traffic = Leads = Sales

OK, lets focus on the short report you need to create in order to generate leads. Essentially, this report is just a mini ebook. It doesn't need to be anything fancy, however, it should:

  • Be between 10-14 pages

  • Be directly related to your main, "money" product

  • Be well-written and include a title page, table of contents and page numbers

You could also include a resource page which lists related resources, a link to your blog, an ad, etc. This is only a recommendation and it's totally optional. Click on the link below to download a report that I use as a lead-generator for my main, "money" product, 72HourProduct.com. This report will also guide you through the process of creating this report. After reading it, if you have questions, contact me via the support form and I'll gladly help you.

==> http://downloadsuniverse.com/howtowriteebooks.pdf <==

Now, if you need content for this report, let me show you a super simple way to quickly find content. Go to Google and type [main keyword+PLR] in the search box (without brackets). For example, if you plan to create your main "money" product on "diabetes diets" and you've done the proper niche market research to determine marketability, you would type [diabetes diet+PLR] in the search box (again, without brackets). This method will result in Google displaying PLR (private label rights) articles on diabetes diets. Private label rights articles can be totally rewritten and reworked. You definitely don't want to leave the articles as is! Take the time to make them unique. Of course, if you have sufficient knowledge on your topic, then the process of locating PLR content is not necessary.If you plan to use PLR to create your short report, plan on reworking 8-10 articles. In a nutshell, the process involves:

  • Finding PLR content

  • Choosing about 8-10 articles that can be compiled together into a report

  • Reworking articles to make them unique

  • Compiling articles into a short report

You'll be surprised at how easy this really is. You can probably create this report in one sitting – about two or three hours.

Step 2 – Install and Build a Squeeze Page

For this step, I will show you a non-techie method for creating your squeeze page.  We will use one of the squeeze page templates you received as a bonus.  For your convenience, I've provided a download link to these templates below in the resource section.  Watch the video below to see this demonstration. 

Get the Flash Player to see this content.

After you've watched the video, carefully perform this step. Take your time and be sure to perform this step properly.

Step 3 – Setup Autoresponder

A reliable autoresponder is an essential component of any serious internet marketing business. Have you every heard or read, "the money is in the list"? Well, this is a true statement simply because relationships with subscribers often result in recurring sales. Your autoresponder is the tool that manages your list of subscribers, therefore it must be reliable.When choosing an autoresponder be sure that you don't rely on a cheap service or purchase a cheap autoresponder script and host it on your server. Once you have a substantial list size, you need an autoresponder that is very reliable.

When I started out in internet marketing, I hosted my own autoresponder – BIG mistake! Some of my php scripts became corrupted, resulting in subscribers not being able to unsubscribe – not good! Unfortunately, I lost all my subscribers and had to start from scratch! Another reason not to host your own autoresponder is because when (not if), a subscribers reports your messages as spam, you run the possibility of your IP address being banned! 

There are several quality autoresponders available. I personally use Aweber and have been very satisfied with it's features and ease of use. Two other quality autoresponders are Get Response and Autoresponse Plus.Below are two video tutorials on using Aweber, one of the most popular autoresponders. I've used Aweber for the past year and have been very pleased with it's reliability, features and simplicity. Watch the video below to learn how to setup an autoresponder and install the code on your squeeze page.

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After watching the video, setup your own autoresponder account and perform this same action with your squeeze page.


That's it for Week 3. In week 4, you'll learn upload this short report to your server and how to add it to your autoresponder.  You'll also create your main product. At this point, it may be beneficial to go back over previous lessons to ensure that you've performed each step properly. Creating your product will be a fun and rewarding step. Take care [firstname].


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